Corporate Philosophy

True, good, beautiful

・NeoSpace is a company that supports branding. The academic field of "neuro-aesthetics" was born from the progress of brain science research. It has been discovered that the human brain instinctively recognizes the three elements of "truth," "goodness," and "beauty" as "good images. This has nothing to do with national borders, race, or gender. We believe that these 3letters are the key words that indicate the close relationship between branding and the company, and we have placed them at the center of our corporate philosophy.

Business Philosophy

Neospatial, through the planning, staging, and design of various methods
We are a company that supports the branding of people, cities, and companies.

・The purpose of branding is to maximize the value of the target. We are developing a business that supports the process of maximizing the asset value of the target product, business, or company, rather than just improving and revitalizing the cultural level.

Mission & Values
〈Mission and Value Creation〉

Based on high quality planning and design, and precise producti on.
Establishing a virtuous cycle system

・We are focusing on measures that aim to create sustainability.

Action Guidelines
〈These are the concepts that the staff will keep in mind as they conduct their work.〉

Ability to discover attractiveness × Ability to express attractiveness × Ability to transmit attractiveness

・The strength of a mind that enjoys its work! Cultivate a mind that never forgets to be excited.
・Let's create a project that moves people's hearts and raises their motivation.
・Discover the fun of creating a project that breaks through the boundaries of a predetermined framework.
・Let's imbue our bodies with the habit of thinking and pondering .
・The wall that appeared in front of me was a wall that was prepared for me!
→Walls do not appear in front of things that cannot be overcome.
→On the other side of the world, there will always be people who are on a higher level than you are now.

Corporate philosophy【Basic corporate items】
A universal expression of corporate values that is passed on over the long term. The purpose of a company, together with the management's commitment and beliefs, is to clearly state and express both internally and externally the mission and action guidelines to be fulfilled.
Supporting the development of a corporate philosophy is also part of Neospatial's support menu.

Imagination to Creation

plan design