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Renovation Production

Maximize the value of the target!
In the process of accurately identifying potentials, renewing and establishing concepts, and Neospatial's mission is to add the necessary functions and designs and reborn them.

【Producing and designing are effective methods of problem solving.】
●Remodeling・・・Restoring and repairing functions - Returning the negative to zero.
◎Renovation・・・ Adding new concepts to maximize value.

〈The concept is to break away from the existing facilities and systems.〉
〈Meticulous space design and design that adds value by improving use and function.〉
〈High-quality construction and supervision that promotes business innovation through design innovation〉

We have a wealth of know-how and a powerful network to handle all of these in high quality.
NeoSpace has it.

Tonohara Club

Tonohara Club 2016 Tonohara Club 2016

A prestigious short course club into an ideal community social center!

Neospace was in charge of the overall production of the renovation.Establish concept - Develop a facility use plan to maximize the use of existing facilities.Total support for overall image setting including copy right, logo mark, and signage planning, complete renovation of the clubhouse interior and exterior space design, restaurant supervision by the development chef, and promotion-related services.The facility, which used to be for golfers only, was now opened to the community at large with a full restaurant.It aims to be a place for community creation that serves as a model case for local city facilities.
(cl,kyonan driving school/related to Hakubaku Co.)

Branc de Bulanc Kofu

Branc de Bulanc Kofu 2003 Branc de Bulanc Kofu 2003

A business Hotel into a Auberge! Comprehensive produce of a spectacular transition.

Neospace produced a renovation project transforming a business hotel to a high-grade restaurant hotel.[The theme is "Blanc de Blanc" (pure white)[ChevalBlanc]。
The core of the facility is ChevalBlanc, produced by French master chef Asahi Inoue.
Sadayuki Hotta, former executive chef of Kyoto Hotel and a modern master chef, was appointed as executive chef..Its wine collection includes over 100 wines selected by Kenji Ito, a certified chevalier of the French Order of Champagne.Provided a total support from renovation concept, C.I. planning to space produce, design and production of various promotion tools, and advertisement production. High quality bridal tools have become the talk of the town.
(cl, Fres Corporation)

Yamanashi Prefectural Flower Center, Heidi's Village

Yamanashi Prefectural Flower Center, Heidi's Village 2006 Yamanashi Prefectural Flower Center, Heidi's Village 2006

Renovation of a public facility, the Prefectural Flower Center, into a theme facility based on the popular animation "Heidi, Girl of the Alps"!

A Renovation project in conjunction with the introduction of a designated manager system.Utilizing its experience in the licensing business, NeoSpace was in charge of comprehensive planning, including handling the acquisition of the rights of the "Heidi, Girl of the Alps" animation on behalf of its owner.Was in charge of developing the facility utilization plan to maximize the use of the existing facility, setting the overall image including copy right, logo mark, and signage plan, as well as space design and design construction for exhibition, sales, and light food and beverage facilities.Also created a design for a unified branding of the products sold.
(cl, Heidi's Village, Inc.)

Fu-Rin-Kazan Hibiki no Sato

Fu-Rin-Kazan Hibiki no Sato 2010 Fu-Rin-Kazan Hibiki no Sato 2010

Completely renovated drive-in facility into a spectacular entertainment space.

High quality entertainment with a dynamic combination of live taiko performances × video × special sound effect × lighting, combined with the local cuisine of Yamanashi, create a new topic of conversation.The stage program was created with a storyline, effectively interweaving episodes of Shingen Takeda, a local great warlord, and the historical culture of Yamanashi.A new gallery was established that wraps the history of the Takeda family with exhibits and information.Supplied new food coordinators to support food and beverage, and new house rules.Neospace is in charge of the project, including the production of the facility, which will long be loved by customers from inside and outside of the prefecture.
(cl, Nisshoku Co., Ltd.)

Yamanashi Fruit Onsen Pukupuku※Onsen=Hot spring spa

Yamanashi Fruit Onsen Pukupuku 2011 Yamanashi Fruit Onsen Pukupuku 2011

Comprehensive produce of hot-spring spa facilities that fuse "hot springs" and "fruit," the pride of Yamanashi.

The renovation of a common public hot spring into a tourists popular destination. Boldly mixed the three major tourist elements of Yamanashi that are "nightscape × hot spring" ,plus fruits, taking advantage of its location where one of the three new nightscapes of Japan is under your eyes.Its indoor design is uniformly decorated with images of "peaches," "grapes," and "wine" so that the resort stimulates the curiosity of urban women in pursuit of "healing, beauty, and health”.Synergistic effects are also been created with local contributions by taking advantage of the surrounding facilities and its environment.
The space was redesigned with a variety of indoor and outdoor spa facilities. Neospace was in charge of overall production of the renovation.
(cl, Nisshoku Co., Ltd.)

Spa Land Hotel Naito

Spa Land Hotel Naito 2016 Spa Land Hotel Naito 2016

Produced the renovation of a popular hot tub facility!「Refresh Resort」is the new concept.

The design renovation project in conjunction with whole building repair work due to its aging.Neospace participated as a conceptor/space producer/food and beverage producer, providing total support from software to hardware design, focusing on the lobby and restaurant while utilizing the characteristics of the existing facility.The diverse menu act images and contents that allow users to refresh their minds and bodies.Ongoing support promotes branding, facility sophistication, and clientele expansion.
(cl, Naito House Co.)