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Stores & RestaurantsStore development design - construction / supervision - operational planning

The client company's
Maximize the use of management resources, location environment, and potentials. Setting the store's character - We support the creation of high-grade spaces and the development of high-grade products.

With precise conceptual work and production, the Combining strong partnerships with various experts in Japan and overseas
We ensure the quality of our business.

Space Designer / Architect / Development Chef / Craftsman / Marketer...
Based on a collaborative network of experts in various fields

Neospace is a place where the needs of business owners and consumers are We will support you in creating a business that is half a step ahead of the competition in terms of product sales and restaurants.

Restaurant & Wine Bar〈Times〉 (Spa Land Hotel Naito)

Restaurant & Wine Bar〈Times〉 (Spa Land Hotel Naito) 2016 Restaurant & Wine Bar〈Times〉 (Spa Land Hotel Naito) 2016

Examples of original restaurant production.
The concept is Beauty/Healthy/Power!

Spa Land Hotel Naito, located in Isawa Onsen, Yamanashi, was renovated in 2016 under the concept of a "refreshment resort" with NeoSspace production.Variable buffet tables and movable partitions can be set up to allow different uses of the complex.Equips functions and design that offers all for breakfast, lunch, dinner, bar time, and parties.A bar counter (approximately 9 meter long) is set up to convey the appeal of Yamanashi wines.A development chef is appointed to ensure accurate kitchen equipment placement and attractive menu proposals.It has consistently maintained a sales ratio of more than 160% compared to the pre-renovation level.

Shop/Restaurant Spacw Design cases

Spacw Design cases Spacw Design cases

Some examples of Neospace directors’ Space Design work across the country

Our space design director, Yasuyoshi Urata, has been working with us for about 30 years, since CEO Mitsuhito Higuchi once worked for Takashimaya Department of Planning and Advertising.He has participated in a wide range of space design projects, including architecture and interior design for commercial facilities, hotels, inns, medical facilities, restaurants, stores, and residences.He gets lots of offers from major clients, and provides high quality VMD (Visual Merchandising) and comprehensive space production services based on branding strategies.

Tonohara Club Main Restaurant (Natural Dining)

Tonohara Club Main Restaurant 2016 Tonohara Club Main Restaurant 2016

Renovated clubhouse of a prestigious golf short course!Restaurant is reborn as a place for high-grade interaction for local community

Delving into the history of the word "Tonohara," we discovered that it used to be meaning for "a place where local feudal lords and samurai gather.The restaurant was renovated to dispel the closed image of golf clubhouse and became a restaurant open to the local community for casual dining and parties.The main dining room is renovated for a casual and high-grade atmosphere.Couches was set up on outdoor terrace as a waiting bar and cocktail corner.The restaurant was also designed to be easily utilized as a restaurant for training camps at driving schools, which is also the parent company of the club.Appointed a development chef to create an appealing menu structure.It has been established as a favorite spot for lunch where local people especially women daily.