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Produced a nationwide traveling exhibition.

[Claire] Make the property attractive and the space attractive!
Extensive experience with national traveling exhibitions and events
Genuine know-how and networking to make it happen!

Exhibition Development Policy
【Entertainment does not come from common sense.】
I also believe that it is important to always have the courage to question common sense and challenge the insane.

It is not just a list of flat information, but it is a space that you can gain by stepping into it.
The physicality of the exhibition and the direction that encourages participation will move the viewer's heart and leave an emotional memory.

Sei-katsu-sha are ・・・・
Get information - Get interested - Go and visit
Open your wallet and buy a ticket.
Experience and understand the appeal of the content.
To be surprised, to discover, to be moved.
I opened my wallet and bought more books and goods related to it.
Record the joy... and transmit it yourself...

For the success of your exhibition or event project
There are numerous barriers that are bigger than you can imagine.
􀀀Furthermore, the background
Rights ...... Contracts ...... Production costs ...
-Package construction: ...... Creative level: ...... Production methods...
・Venue selection: ......PR......Ticket sales...
Venue set-up ...... Operation...
Storage...... Packaging...... Transportation...... Crisis Management...

Clear all of these.
We have a wealth of know-how and a strong network.
NeoSpace has it.

From Antarctica! Messages by PinguThe Art Exhibition for the Environment to Learn."

From Antarctica! Messages by Pingu The Art Exhibition for the Environment to Learn. 2007 From Antarctica! Messages by Pingu The Art Exhibition for the Environment to Learn. 2007

An experiential exhibition the full of his messages to environments to protect Pingu's world and the earth

Neospace solely acquired the rights to exhibit, store, and other adjacent rights to the world-famous clay animation Pingu.An experiential display shows the world of Pingu and the environmental messages from the Ministry of the Environment and the Forestry Agency.A national tour type exhibition where children and adults can enjoy learning and thinking about environmental issues with Pingu.Numerous filming props and film sets will be displayed. The exhibition focuses on film production including close-up interviews and the making of “Pingu”.The Ministry of the Environment, the sponsor of the exhibition, also issues a certificate of appointment as "Our Minister of the Environment" by the Minister of the Environment at the venue! Starting with Nagoya Takashimaya, this successful exhibition toured 10 venues nationwide, including Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo, Akita Museum of Modern Art in Akita, and Kushiro city Museum of Art in Hokkaido.

Dear Friend Vincent - Van Gogh in Motion Exhibition

Dear Friend Vincent - Van Gogh in Motion Exhibition 2019 Dear Friend Vincent - Van Gogh in Motion Exhibition 2019

While catching a glimpse of Van Gogh's short but colorful life as a painter, visitors experience a group of works brought to life by advanced digital technology.New Van Gogh Art Space.

Focusing on Van Gogh's ultimate sentiments in his letters to his brother Theo.MDK, a prodigious studio in the world of digital imaging that has provided CGI (3DCG animation, VFX (special effects), etc.) for more than 50 films, including the "Resident Evil®" movie in Hollywood, approaches the scenes Van Gogh really wanted to depict from the letters using advanced CG technology!bridal tools have become the talk of the town.(cl, Fres Corporation)A new type of exhibition targeting highly sensitive people of all ages, which also encourages a natural interest in pure art (fine art).Comprehensively produced an exhibition of new approaches to understanding Van Gogh's works based on diverse visual expressions.

Aardman Studio exhibition of "Wallace and Gromit."

Aardman Studio exhibition of 「Wallace and Gromit.』
                2001 Aardman Studio exhibition of 「Wallace and Gromit.』

The amazing world created by Aardman, the world's top studio for clay animation

A national traveling exhibition showcasing the world's best clay animation studio known for Wallace and Gromit.Numerous exhibits on display for the first time in Japan: not only films of the works, but also making-of films, actual sets and models for filming, handwritten artwork, and videos of close interviews with local residents.Shinjuku Takashimaya, one of the event venues, recorded more than 55,000 visitors over the 12 days of the event, and the event was so successful that admission had to be restricted.Rights acquired through joint investment by Hankyu Department Store, Neospace, and TBS Division.Neospace produced the exhibition.

XXX de Kimodameshi - This experience will appear in your dream

科学館 de キモダメシ ~この体験は夢にでる~2013 科学館 de キモダメシ ~この体験は夢にでる~2013

The concept is "an experience that comes out in your dreams. Producing a new type of event that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Team Kimodaameshi" with a mysterious flashlight in one hand!

An experiential event that combines visual, auditory, and psychological exhibits to maximize people's curiosity and spirit of inquiry.The original story and characters are combined with elements that are unique to the location of the event.The 2013 event in Yamanashi was so popular that it broke the record for visitors to the Prefectural Science Museum. Group activities for children and adults alike, from gently peeking in to an athletic zero-gravity experience that uses all the body's functions to advance.

25th Anniversary Special Exhibit "All About Sesame Street"

25th Anniversary Special Exhibit 『All About Sesame Street』 1995 25th Anniversary Special Exhibit 『All About Sesame Street』 1995

Nationwide touring experiential exhibition. the first large-scale event produced by Neospace.

Based on Neospace's in-depth interviews with Sesame Studios (CTW) and Jim Henson Productions in New York, USA, the film sets were reproduced in department store size while paying close attention to texture and detail - a nationwide touring package was produced.[The "DOOR" is the key item of the exhibition, which consists of "ROOMS" for each theme, including the history of Sesame Street, stars, costumes, music, original picture book drawings, products, etc. The Muppets used in the filming were specially transported to create a dynamic and realistic atmosphere.

Bae Yong-jun in "Winter SonataElegant and Risky World Exhibition

Bae Yong-jun in Winter Sonata Elegant and Risky World Exhibition 2004 Bae Yong-jun in Winter Sonata Elegant and Risky World Exhibition 2004

Nationwide Touring Exhibition Combining Korean Actor Bae Yong Joon and the Charms of Yi Dynasty Culture

The highlight event of Bae Yong Joon's first visit to Japan in 2004.Neospace acquired sole adjacent rights from a film distributor to develop exhibitions, stores, and auctions.An example of comprehensive production that broke ground and penetrated the film and its actors through a complex national event.Artwork and scripts used in "Scandal," the first movie in which he starred in, as well as secret filming footage, props, and trinkets are dynamically displayed along with recreations of the filming sets.The first venue, the Shibuya Parco Museum, was a record-breaking success, breaking all previous attendance and museum store sales records.19 venues nationwide.

Sponge Bob/Happy Life Exhibition

Sponge Bob/Happy Life Exhibition 2012 Sponge Bob/Happy Life Exhibition 2012

Since its broadcast in the U.S. in 1999, the world of anime has captivated not only children but adults as well, and this hands-on exhibit allowed visitors to experience the world of anime from the perspective of the characters.

At the venue that recreates Bikini Town where SpongeBob lives, visitors can walk around the mysterious town and experience the "SpongeBob" world as if they were the characters in the movie.The exciting way of displaying the panels, which can be enjoyed by peeking through the slits in the panels, is also developed in accordance with the crazy and funny episodes of the cartoon.In addition, a limited-time store featuring SpongeBob merchandise that is hard to find elsewhere was opened and welcomed by many fans.