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Branding & Facility Development

A brand is...
【Assets with strategy】
【A specific value embedded in the minds of consumers.】

Branding is...
【A systematic and continuous effort to gain the trust of the ideal target.】

Only the real thing can sell. Just because something is authentic doesn't mean it will sell. It is only when things become things that they start to sell.

The importance of concept setting...
The importance of logical underpinnings that appeal to human behavioral characteristics and brain science...
Sublimation from product to product / branding of shops / branding of companies

Building a common image - Promoting the image
Ability to discover attractiveness × Ability to express attractiveness × Ability to transmit attractiveness
C.I. ~ V.I. Strategy ~ M.D. Strategy ~ S.P. Strategy
A virtuous cycle system created.
Branding is a strategic asset that influences "corporate value.

[Truth, Goodness, Beauty]
Born from neuroscience (brain science and neuroscience)
The relationship between "neuroaesthetics" and branding.

Neospace can help you with branding.
With a background in human behavioral characteristics and neuroscience research
We continue to evolve.

Shironohotel KOfu

Shironohotel KOfu Shironohotel KOfu

Kofu Castle was built in the 1590s by the Toyotomi administration and later flourished as the base of the Kofu Tokugawa clan.Branding and spatial design of a new hotel where you can experience history.

The logo with the name “Shiro no Hotel Kofu (Hotel in the castle, Kofu)” on is inspired by stone walls of castles and the shape of Mt fuji, a symbol of Yamanashi, Japan.The main dining room [Yamanashi Gourmet Restaurant Ori Ori] locates on the 1st floor that allows you to taste seasonal local ingredients and local cuisine.The lobby of the spa on the 13th floor was named "Historia Lounge Yuden" and was designed for exploring the history of Kofu under the supervision of historian Masaru Hirayama. Visitors learn about the Kofu Tokugawa family, the prosperity of Kofu Castle Town and the unique culture rooted in the region.Hokkaido.

Fuji-san Deck - Observatory of Light and Clouds

fuji-san deck Fuji-san Deck - Observatory of Light and Clouds

Sightseeing facility with a view of Mt. Fuji, a symbol of Japan.Even when you cannot see Mt. Fuji, you are able to feel its charms closer in various ways.

As an observatory where everyone can spend time with their beloved Mt. Fuji, we produced a design for planning and direction.The logo expresses the characteristics of Mt. Fuji and building. The signage system is based on the concept of “talk to you” and shows friendliness and cuteness with stylish original pictograms.A pack of powerful exhibitions; a display of works of Fuji photographer Yukio Oyama, and a mural on the theme of myths related to Fuji and a W13m wall gallery that brings visitors close to the surface of Fuji by world-renowned creative paper cutout artist Hyakkimaru.Designed to be tourism facility that let you gain multifaceted perspective including an introduction of ecosystem that uses the spiral staircase, display of enjoyable trivia and so on.

Yamanashi Gourmet Magic

Yamanashi Gourmet Magic Yamanashi Gourmet Magic シェフ

Aiming to branding the food of Yamanashi and the hotel where the event was held.Produced high-grade gourmet events

The concept is [Lifestyle of enjoying food and ineteraction] and [Creation of a culture of confident and proud hospitality]. Three of Japan's top chefs (Sadayuki Hotta, former Executive Chef of Kyoto Hotel, Rokusaburo Michiba, Iron Chef of Japan, and Asahi Inoue, Chef for the Summit Guest House Dinner) transform local ingredients into the ultimate full course.Kenji Ito, a certified chevalier of the French Order of Champagne, selects the best marriage wine from Yamanashi wines for each of the finished.Planned a combined party event with production video, kitchen LIVE screen, and talk show.Tickets sold out quickly!
The news were disseminated nationwide through a TV documentary program that followed the event production process and Neospace.
(cl, Yamanashi Prefecture / Blanc de Blanc Kofu)

“Yamanashi, where I spend weekends”

山梨県大型観光キャンペーン 2006 山梨県大型観光キャンペーン 2006

Produced nationwide campaign to form a unified image of Yamanashi with the keyword “Yamanashi, where I spend weekends”

The theme was "Time Trip Tunnel” . Trains and cars are only ways to get in to Yamanashi where is surrounded by mountains, and there are numerous tunnels to access to Yamanashi.With "Tunnel" as the key visual, a carefull selection of fascinating photographs depict the new scenic experiences that emerge with each crossing tunnels.A series of five B-size posters were displayed at 1,500 JR stations throughout Japan for one month.PR events were held in various locations to promote tourism. Original stickers were designed and placed on all cabs, buses, trucks, and convenience stores in Yamanashi Prefecture, and buses with original wrapping were used to connect tourism spots.(cl,Yamanashi Prefecture/first place in a competition of 19 companies including major agencies)

Brand Symbol Plan Cases

Brand Symbol Plan Cases Brand Symbol Plan Cases

Develop consistent production from the establishment of basic related to corporate activities to visual design!An example

We support the creation of corporate and brand images through consistent planning from organizing and constructing the basic concepts necessary to foster corporate culture, such as corporate philosophy, business principles, and action guidelines, to visual design that effectively expresses these concepts.Continuously increase awareness and penetration among consumers as the C.I. plan is developed into MD development and promotion development.Sharing a unified image is a great approach to branding.

Branc de Blanc Kofu (graphic)

Branc de Blanc Kofu  2003 Branc de Blanc Kofu  2003

Simple, sophisticated design unified with a striking logo as its foundation

The graphic design was based on [Blanc de Blanc (pure white)] and French red that evokes the Alsace region of France.Unifying the main focus on the gorgeous red with a sense of appearance and sizzling food photography plays an effective role in creating a strong impression of the transition from a business hotel to a high-grade restaurant hotel.The restaurant logo is based on grayish letters creating a composition that is easy to harmonize while the hotel logo emphasizes on giving impression.For both food and interior design, several talented photographers specializing in their respective genres were apponted to maintain the quality of the photographic images.Neospace was in charge of consistent productition from concept setting to image unification.